Saturday, March 31, 2012

German Chick Candy Containers

   Here are some great vintage finds for Easter!

     These are just adorable! Made in Germany in the 1920's and  1930's. These are holiday candy containers and are made of paper mache. These cute little candy containers are known as nodders and open in the middle to fill with candy!

Keep your eyes pealed for ducks, chicks and highly sought after rabbits. Many other German candy containers are Christmas Candy Containers and even St.Patrick's Day. Careful about the stamp on the bottom marked Made In Germany. Many replicas were produced in the USA in later in the 50's. These are still sought after but not as highly collected as the German ones.

These were a great find by my mom and fun to display! Happy Hunting!

                                                 Chirp, Chirp!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

I just love springtime flea markets and garage sales! So much fun to find treasures. I love to find treasures I can redo or just enjoy! I live in the Midwest and really enjoy the variety of items left to pick. Frequently I will post on our Facebook Page : and often I add items to my etsy stores! or my other shop that is full of OOAK handmade items that I create from Upcycled materials:

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