Monday, January 10, 2011

January Bliss to January Blessed

     The holidays have settled and the after Christmas lull has set in. The hype of the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years always creates excitement in our home, as it is non-stop! After New Years we pack up all the holiday decorations and take a is over for another year.

     For us shop owners it is not over. The year is just beginning! The is the time we need, the season to re-evaluate our shop, our goals for this year. A chance to restock supplies and create new things. What are your new goals for this year? Maybe it is to create a buzz in your shop, change your banner, create different items than before. Maybe it is to create a new marketing goal and turn your hobby into a part-time or full time job. What ever it may be, use turn January from Bliss to Blessed! What you do this could will more than likely set the pace for the entire year! So I encourage each one of you to set some goals for your shop and commit to them and see what blessings January will bring!


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