Monday, September 10, 2012

The Vintage Market


  Awesome weekend in Roscoe, Illinois, where Shabby Chic meets Vintage Farm-girl! Lots of vintage and handcrafted items for sale! The Vintage Market Event has a sale each spring and fall stay tuned for more details.
Here are some pics! To view more click on "Vintage" above and it will take you to our Pinterest page!

                    The great entrance to the market! As you can see it is plum full of many goodies!

Some More of our delights!

Just A Seconds booth (she's an antique shop in Rockford, IL)

And this was one of my fav's! Awesome Lettering! 

Jennet Rae Designs

                              Thanks to Polly, of Counting Your Blessings, and her hubby Steve, for a great set up                  and hopefully more to come! We so enjoyed ourselves and your warm welcome! Thank you!  And for all the wonderful Gals and Gents vendors, and of course our lovely customers!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Selling at The Vintage Market

So excited to be selling at the Vintage Market ! Come join Floweringshrub Vintage & Handmade Market at the Vintage Market!

        Floweringshrub Vintage and Handmade Market will be featuring hand painted furniture and items for sale! Our famous upcycled wool coffee cozies and purses! 

          My friend Amanda from The Old World Apothecary will be joining me and she has some awesome, handmade Laundry Detergent (safe for the environment), as well as home grown organic herbs and many other items! 

And my friend Jennet from Jennet Rae Designs!

So join us for a fun filled weekend!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

German Chick Candy Containers

   Here are some great vintage finds for Easter!

     These are just adorable! Made in Germany in the 1920's and  1930's. These are holiday candy containers and are made of paper mache. These cute little candy containers are known as nodders and open in the middle to fill with candy!

Keep your eyes pealed for ducks, chicks and highly sought after rabbits. Many other German candy containers are Christmas Candy Containers and even St.Patrick's Day. Careful about the stamp on the bottom marked Made In Germany. Many replicas were produced in the USA in later in the 50's. These are still sought after but not as highly collected as the German ones.

These were a great find by my mom and fun to display! Happy Hunting!

                                                 Chirp, Chirp!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

I just love springtime flea markets and garage sales! So much fun to find treasures. I love to find treasures I can redo or just enjoy! I live in the Midwest and really enjoy the variety of items left to pick. Frequently I will post on our Facebook Page : and often I add items to my etsy stores! or my other shop that is full of OOAK handmade items that I create from Upcycled materials:

Feel free to come by our shops and pin any of our pictures to Pinterest or even follow me on Pinterest! 

Check out new items everyday! 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attempting Altered Art Know Hows

 I have read and looked, and looked and read about Altered Art. As a fellow artist I am so attracted to it! I love the fact that there are no two the same and each one is a work of Art. Many incorporate paintings, pictures, textiles, fibers, and embellishments of all kinds, no wonder they are so unique! 

        Today I have decided to take the plunge, although I spent countless hours last weekend cutting pictures from old magazines. I love pictures of anything old, artistic or unique. I love pics of flowers and statues, vases, music interests, and antiques. I also like to cut out quotes or just words, or even letters to use in my art work. 

       Some supplies that you might want to have on hand are an old book, preferably one that is not worth anything, picture cut outs, fibers, lace or fabric, old buttons, jewelry embellishments, Modge Podge, and a strong glue, or possibly some rubber stamps. You really can use anything that can be attached with glue.

  • First, start out by choosing a theme you will like. 
  • Next, Layout your pieces right on your book cover to see what might work best. Move them around several times to see what it appealing to the eye.
  • Then, coat both sides of your picture cut out with Modge Podge. You can brush this on with a medium flat brush. Make sure both sides are coated. Modge Podge should only take a couple minutes to dry on each side. 
  • Coat back of pictures one at a time with another coat of Modge Podge and place the picture on the book and push down with the brush. Coat the top with Modge Podge. 
  • Choose some buttons or fibers to embellish. Use a good glue to glue these down. 
  • Last, you can spray with a matte finish poly spray, or leave as is!

Here are some pictures from my first attempt!

If you do not feel like attempting an entire book just try some paper tags or a little tin box! Be creative and have fun! And if you do not want to spend a day cutting out magazines visit my side bar and click on Graphics Fairy. This will take you to a website where you can print free graphics to use on your projects. 

Blessings,  Floweringshrub

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Bliss to January Blessed

     The holidays have settled and the after Christmas lull has set in. The hype of the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years always creates excitement in our home, as it is non-stop! After New Years we pack up all the holiday decorations and take a is over for another year.

     For us shop owners it is not over. The year is just beginning! The is the time we need, the season to re-evaluate our shop, our goals for this year. A chance to restock supplies and create new things. What are your new goals for this year? Maybe it is to create a buzz in your shop, change your banner, create different items than before. Maybe it is to create a new marketing goal and turn your hobby into a part-time or full time job. What ever it may be, use turn January from Bliss to Blessed! What you do this could will more than likely set the pace for the entire year! So I encourage each one of you to set some goals for your shop and commit to them and see what blessings January will bring!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home For Christmas Shopping


          As a child I remember the magic of Christmas! Holiday lights that seemed to go on forever. Waiting in line at the mall to see the Big Jolly Man with the red coat and white beard! All the different moving parts of the trains and elves and Christmas Cheer! I grew up in St.Louis and going to the Plaza and seeing all the storefront windows decorated was a special, magical Christmas! This Christmas Treasury is a reminder of simpler childhood times (I'll Be Home For Christmas - St.Louis Style).
         As I have gotten older and my life is a bit more complicated. Having two children with disabilities has been a real challenge and blessing for me. One of my biggest challenges has been Christmas shopping! After all, who wants to drag to wheelchairs to the mall to fight the crowds. When my three boys were little I still wanted to give them that magical feeling of Christmas that I had experienced. We lived in a busy Chicago suburb at the time. Every Christmas, one of the towns around us would put up a light show like you wouldn't believe! Streets lined with lit up Toy Soldiers, Santa's moving in every window, even music filling the streets! We would drive around for hours just taking it all in! Oh the magic!
        In recent days, I have resulting in shopping from my Big Comfy Chair, in my warm home. It is not the same magical Christmastime I once new in St.Louis at the Plaza, or the magic of touring the neighborhood for hour upon magical hour. It is a different type of Christmas Magical, sitting in my chair, with my fireplace and Christmas decorations in full view, while listening to Christmas Carols and sipping hot cocoa! I may have a laptop in hand, viewing all the wonderful Etsy Christmas Themed Treasuries, but I think for this season.....I will live at peace with the pleasures of Christmas Home-style!

Blessings to all this Christmas Season!


Here is a list of my Etsy Christmas Themed Treasuries, ENJOY!

Midwest Christmas Splender

Blue Bling Christmas

I'll Be Home For Christmas - St.Louis Style