Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home For Christmas Shopping


          As a child I remember the magic of Christmas! Holiday lights that seemed to go on forever. Waiting in line at the mall to see the Big Jolly Man with the red coat and white beard! All the different moving parts of the trains and elves and Christmas Cheer! I grew up in St.Louis and going to the Plaza and seeing all the storefront windows decorated was a special, magical Christmas! This Christmas Treasury is a reminder of simpler childhood times (I'll Be Home For Christmas - St.Louis Style).
         As I have gotten older and my life is a bit more complicated. Having two children with disabilities has been a real challenge and blessing for me. One of my biggest challenges has been Christmas shopping! After all, who wants to drag to wheelchairs to the mall to fight the crowds. When my three boys were little I still wanted to give them that magical feeling of Christmas that I had experienced. We lived in a busy Chicago suburb at the time. Every Christmas, one of the towns around us would put up a light show like you wouldn't believe! Streets lined with lit up Toy Soldiers, Santa's moving in every window, even music filling the streets! We would drive around for hours just taking it all in! Oh the magic!
        In recent days, I have resulting in shopping from my Big Comfy Chair, in my warm home. It is not the same magical Christmastime I once new in St.Louis at the Plaza, or the magic of touring the neighborhood for hour upon magical hour. It is a different type of Christmas Magical, sitting in my chair, with my fireplace and Christmas decorations in full view, while listening to Christmas Carols and sipping hot cocoa! I may have a laptop in hand, viewing all the wonderful Etsy Christmas Themed Treasuries, but I think for this season.....I will live at peace with the pleasures of Christmas Home-style!

Blessings to all this Christmas Season!


Here is a list of my Etsy Christmas Themed Treasuries, ENJOY!

Midwest Christmas Splender

Blue Bling Christmas

I'll Be Home For Christmas - St.Louis Style

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafter's Corner

       Many days I wake up and wonder, "What am I going to create today?". When your interests in Art are so broad you can feel like your head is spinning. Some days I feel I have so many interests I have trouble keeping track of them myself. "Maybe today I'll quilt", or "feels like a jewelry making day". Do you ever feel that way? Then there are days that I am just looking for inspiration, whether it is searching the internet or looking out the window losing track of precious time. I think I will go make something fabulous today!!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/floweringshrub

Check out the link below of fellow artists treasures!